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About us.

Either on the water or under the water, a commercial diver and a freelance marine photographer, Felicity is equally at home diving the depths as she is photographing it. Her passion for adventure and photography has taken her all around the world, from tackling ghost fishing nets to hunting for wrecks. Environmental projects shape her work and she is a passionate campaigner for a plastic free ocean. When she puts down the camera she picks up the paddle and heads out into the ocean to help clean plastic from our shores. A bag full of plastic pulled from our oceans makes her as happy as a seal in kelp!

Carl Rowlinson donates as much time as possible working for charities abroad such as ‘a drop in the ocean’ and has promoted positive change in many countries across the globe. A passionate filmmaker Carl has always had a passion for adventure documentary films with a keen interest in conservation. Happiest in the sea whether he is on a surfboard, in a kayak or free diving. Often found scouring the Cornish coastline for plastic with his Labrador, willow, Carl is either found on the shoreline or in the water.