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Thru the Blue - a journey to clean up our oceans

1200km / 60 Days - San Felipe to La Paz.


Adventure, Action, Awareness

Our Mission

Polluting our oceans, causing devastating environmental chaos in important marine eco systems, plastic pollution is detrimental to our natural world. Soon the impact could be irreversible, this issue needs to be addressed in a dramatic fashion to change human habits. We are going to impact this on our Through the Blue Mission


The Challenge.

Baja is 1200km of desert, water is at premium, rattle snakes and scorpions make the sands their home and the relentless heat from the sun makes preparation vital for this two month long mission. This 1200km long journey will start in the North of Baja in San Felipe close to the American border and will finish two months later in the port town of La Paz.


About the project.

‘whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez off Mexico's Baja Peninsula ingest about 200 pieces of plastic per day’ BBC, 2018

As active conservationists, adventurers and filmmakers we are combining our passions to create a beautiful and impactful film, addressing the issue of global plastic pollution and how this is effecting one the world’s most dynamic marine ecosystems. We will use this film, working in partnership with marine biologists to document the plight of our oceans. Our expedition will also be looking at other external threats such as over fishing and over devolvement in the Sea Of Cortez.



Plastic Problem.

‘the ocean is expected to contain 1 tonne of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish by 2025, and by 2050, more plastics than fish’ (World Economic Forum, 2016)

Plastic is such a large, global problem, an issue which we have created. Currently there are more than five trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans with 400 million tonnes being produced every year, 40% of that is single use


Who we are.

Either on the water or under the water, a commercial diver and a freelance marine photographer, Felicity is equally at home diving the depths as she is photographing it. Her passion for adventure and photography has taken her all around the world, from tackling ghost fishing nets to hunting for wrecks. Environmental projects shape her work and she is a passionate campaigner for a plastic free ocean. When she puts down the camera she picks up the paddle and heads out into the ocean to help clean plastic from our shores. A bag full of plastic pulled from our oceans makes her as happy as a seal in kelp!